The Social

The purpose of The Social Club (a.k.a. "The Social") at Utana Bluffs is to provide a venue that allows the members of the community to come together, get to know each other better, and enjoy one another’s company. Referred to simply as "The Social,” the club is operated by its members. The club hosts planned events such as dinners and other gatherings of a similar nature. It is a place for members to come together in an impromptu fashion for a football game, rocking on the wide and welcoming porch, or to pick seasonable vegetables from the organic garden.

The clubhouse was built with the same inspiration and guiding influences as the one-of-a-kind homes and other unique amenities within our exclusive mountain community. Careful attention to detail has been put into the installation of repurposed antique hand hewn beams or reclaimed boards from mushroom vats that are now paneling for doors and walls. Natural poplar bark is used as siding along with antique reclaimed barn wood. All of these elements, along with many more, create a warm and comfortable setting for the members of the community.

The Social at Utana Bluffs | Ellijay Georgia-8.jpg